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Get Ready to Rumble! Sparring September!

Updated: May 30, 2021

September is here! So grab your gloves and get ready for everyone's favorite time of year. We'll be spending some focused time working on the fundamentals of competition sparring as part of the first round of training for our next tournament.

Never sparred before? no worries! you'll be stinging like a bee in no time with SBN Tarren coaching.

Team Aviano competes in sparring at the European Championships, June 2019.

Many new students find the idea of sparring to be intimidating; after all, no one likes the thought of being hit. But rest assured, we learn gradually here at Aviano, and point sparring is a gentle introduction to the world of combat sports.

Although many of the techniques we learn in Kuk Sool are intended to be devastating, or even deadly, we don't only practice martial arts for defense. Let's face it, martial arts are a lot of fun, and that is where point sparring comes in. A way to enjoy the movements we learn in a controlled (and competitive) fashion, point sparring utilizes precise and rapid strikes, with an emphasis on accuracy, rather than power.

Team Aviano gets pretty excited about tournament prep, and not least for sparring! This month will be so packed with drills, strategy training, and conditioning, It'll be over too soon!

So quit reading this blog and grab your gear! Sparring September is here!

SBN Tarren Bryant teaches an advanced student some sparring techniques

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