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Our incredible instructor team is truly the heart and soul of Kuk Sool Won Italy. With over 50 years of combined experience, and proficiency in English, Italian, and Spanish, our dynamic instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals and take your skills to the next level. Read on to learn more about our team!

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As a former US Army Paratrooper, George draws on his experience and discipline to train and motivate. His 20+ years of martial arts training and deep commitment to teaching help his students meet and exceed their personal goals. 

George has achieved many notable accomplishments over his 25 years with Kuk Sool Won, including taking home the title as European Champion in 2007.

A native of Miami and resident of Italy, George is honored to have the opportunity to instruct all ages.


"Both my kids are recipients of our black belt way of learning. Martial arts is a way to master self-confidence, self discipline and self defense."

 George Mejia
Sa Bum Nim, 4th degree black belt,
Head Instructor


SBN Tarren began his training in Kuk Sool at just 8 years old, initially as a recreational activity and a way to make new friends. Over the years, KSW became a way of life and has greatly contributed to his personal development. Today, Tarren continues to practice his art, and aims to one day achieve the rank of 5th degree Master. Our resident sparring coach, he also competes in full contact kickboxing and K1.

Tarren passionately enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels. "Seeing the progression of each student through their hard work and effort is one of the most rewarding eperiences as a martial arts teacher. I celebrate each of their achieved milestones with exuberance and they motivate me to be the best instructor I can be.'

 Tarren Bryant, Sa Bum Nim,
4th degree black belt


SBN Roberto Beraldi “Roby” has over 20 years’ experience in Kuk Sool.

An officer of the Italian Carabinieri and a martial arts instructor at night, SBN Roby has proven that martial arts can be used to defend and protect his fellow citizens on or off the job. Roby also instructs Italian military and police in hand-to-hand combatives, and has instructed numerous women’s self-defense courses.

  A European champion in 2008, SBN Roby loves going to tournaments and participates in all events.  “I love it! I love to be at the tournaments as it gives me an overpowering feeling of self-satisfaction. I enjoy working with students and preparing them prove their abilities and achieve their goals”. 

SBN Roby also enjoys weight lifting and motorcycle riding.

Roby Beraldi, Sa Bum Nim,
4th degree black belt


SBN Dylan has been a part of the KSW family since he was a little boy, starting his martial arts career when he was just 6 years old. First Italian junior to receive his Black Belt (jo kyo nim) at the age of 10, now he is a respected 4th dan aspiring master.  Growing up with the etiquette and self-control taught in class has helped him with many aspects of life, in fact he is able to balance practicing regularly and be a full time medical student, nearly a Doctor. “Practicing moving meditation is a great way for me to focus on the present knowing that what the future holds is achievable if you put in the effort and always give your best. I thank KSW for the mindfulness of my actions, inside and out of the dojang”.

Dylan Mejia, Sa Bum Nim,
4th degree black belt


Kyo Sa Nim Fabio started his Kuk Sool career in 2008 and has placed medals at all competitions he has attended. Fabio is currently in training for 3rd dahn and is an assistant instructor at our Italian school. “Kuk Sool allows me to channel my energy after a long day at work and brings out the best in me other than being a personal defense system”. 

Fabio De Piero, Kyo Sa Nim,
2nd degree black belt

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